Fast Mixing and Good Clean Out!

robertson-1For the past 8 years, Scot and Amy Robertson have been operating Scot-Lyn Jerseys in Huntsburg, Ohio. The couple raises 100 registered Jerseys on their dairy farm.

The Robertsons recently purchased a 270 cubic foot Patz 800 Series Stationary Vertical Mixer and are quite pleased with the results. “It handles small batches really well and it mixes fast,” said Scot, adding, “It cleans out really well.”

Scot-Lyn Jerseys purchase their feed and know firsthand that wasted feed is costly. A thoroughly blended TMR makes it difficult for cows to sort the feed, reducing the amount of waste. The Robertsons are thrilled with the ration they get from their Patz mixer and would recommend it to others.

Seeing Is Believing!
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