We’re Up Over 10 Pounds Per Cow In 3 Months!

nolt-1 Lloyd and Elaine Nolt, owners of the Iowa-based dairy Rocky Top Farms, were unsure if they wanted to take on the expense of replacing their old 4 auger stationary mixer. “Last summer I told my Patz dealer that I didn’t know if I wanted to replace my mixer,” said Lloyd, “We would give it a try, but I’m not paying for it. It had to pay for itself.”

This smaller, affordable 350 cu. ft. Patz Model 800 Stationary Vertical Mixer was the perfect solution for the Nolts. “At that time we were milking 46 cows. We gained 200 pounds of milk per day right away,” said Lloyd, “We have owned the Patz for less than 3 months and we are milking 6 more cows, but we are up over 1000 pounds per day now. Overall we are up over 10 pounds per cow!”

“In the past we had some cows that would never do well,” said Lloyd, “Before we had the Patz (mixer), we were going to sell some of them after they calved. Now some of these cows are milking 95 pounds per day and one is over 100 pounds. How many of these cows did I ship out before, that would have produced more milk?” he questioned.


Since the cows are eating better, they are healthier. This means lower vet bills in the long run. “Both our nutritionist and veterinarian can’t believe the difference in how the cows are looking and eating,” said Lloyd, adding “They said we’re going to see even more improvement and we won’t see all of the results until next year.”

Rocky Top Farms is now enjoying higher profits due to the increased milk production in their cows. Lloyd Nolts wanted a mixer that would pay for itself and he found it in the Patz 800 Series Stationary Vertical Mixer!

Seeing Is Believing!
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