Transportadores y Alimentadores

24 Pulgada Arado-Apagado Correa Transportadores y Alimentadores Movible

An economical way to automate your operation.

  • Conveniently distribute forages, grains, produce waste, recycled materials, sawdust, compost material, dry poultry litter, green manure/bedding recovery, and more!
  • Select from one-way or two-way movable plow to direct material to multiple locations
  • Capable of up to 10 configurable multi-lots
  • Customizable lengths of up to 400 ft (121.9 m)

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Belt Width

Maximum Belt Speed

Overall Length

Full Load Capacity

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24 in.

370 ft (112.8 m) 
per minute

Up to 120 ft. 
(36.58 m)

maximum 3,700 lbs 
(1,678 kg) per minute

2405 Belt Feeder specs


24 in.

325 ft (99.06 m) 
per minute

Up to 400 ft. 
(121.9 m)

maximum 3,250 lbs 
(1,474 kg) per minute 

2410 Belt Feeder specs

*Load capacities may vary with elevation and material type.