Save time and labor with Patz Vortex®* Screw and RAPTOR™* knives!


The Patz Multi-Angle Top Vortex™* Screw mixes feed quickly and efficiently - without crushing ingredients!Our Patent Pending Vortex® Screw allows for a shorter mixing duration saving you time, fuel, and money! Available on all 1200, 2400 II, and 3600 II Series Vertical Mixers.

Featuring a multi-angle top and cupped flighting, the Vortex®* Screw mixes quickly without compromising feed quality!
Our Patent Pending Multi-Angle Top Vortex® Screw and patented baffle design quickly and gently directs all feed ingredients around the screw(s) producing a thorough, consistent, quality ration, regardless of batch size.
The palatable, well-blended TMR produced minimizes sorting – this reduces refusals and feed waste!
The Vortex™* Screw creates continuous lifting and falling action, resulting in a thoroughly blended ration in minutes. *Patent PendingFeed is pulled away from the bottom of the mixer walls by the specially designed Vortex®* Screw. The cupped flighting allows more feed to stay on the screw while it rapidly lifts the feed, allowing more material to fall. The continuous lifting and falling action creates a boiling effect, resulting in a thoroughly blended mixture within minutes! Check out the video below to see how the Vortex®* Screw compares to our original mixer screw!
Want to save even more mixing time? Our Patent Pending RAPTOR™ knives are engineered for faster, more aggressive bale cutting! The RAPTOR™ knife processes large round and square hay bales and baleage with ease! Affordably priced and built to last, our RAPTOR™ knives fit Patz Vertical Mixers with capacities from 270-1,580 cubic feet.
Our optional RAPTOR™ knives are designed to complement our standard mixer knives, and should be installed in the top two or three slots on the Vortex®* Screw.  Three knife sizes are available. Contact your local Patz Mixer Dealer for additional details.

*Patent Pending




Check out what our satisfied customers are saying!

“The mixer has the new Vortex®* Screw in it, and we’ve shaved off at least three minutes per batch. We mix between 10-12 batches per day, so it adds up, and it’s saved us a lot of time.”

Mark Haberli
Haberli Farms, Inc.
Egg Harbor, WI
550-head dairy
1200 Series 500 Vertical Mixer


“The new (Vortex®*) Screw mixes fast and is very consistent. The ration is very well mixed in a shorter period of time. The RAPTOR™* knives cut more aggressively, yet take less torque. The bale is able to drop down between the screw and mixer wall faster to finish processing of the TMR.”

Chad Denowski
Golden Ridge Dairy
Beaver, WI
800-head dairy
1200 Series 615 Vertical Mixer


“Our Patz has the new style screw and we use the RAPTOR™* knives. It does a great job and cuts up the baleage much better. We get a lot more consistent ration.”

Steve Sjostrom
Sjostrom Farms
Lafayette, MN
1200 Series 420 Vertical Mixer

Source: Dairy Star


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