How TMR Dead Spots Impact Herd Health

Getting the perfect TMR (Total Mixed Ration) is a science. Combining grains, proteins, forages, and concentrated into a precise blend is more than just adding ingredients to your mixer. Nutritionists work with you to create the most efficient “recipe” that will keep your herd healthy. Precision feeding requires weighing out all ingredients exactly to generate the nutritionist’s recommended TMR.

Vertical mixers with dead spots (areas of non-mixing) take a longer time to combine, which uses more fuel. Rations come out inconsistent and oftentimes over-processed. A TMR that is poorly blended leads to sorting. Animals sift through larger feed particles, leaving nutritional value on the floor as discarded feed. Not receiving the necessary nutrients can throw rumen pH levels off and effect herd health.

A TMR is meant to give animals the energy and nutritional value needed to produce and perform at optimal rates. Once the balance starts shifting, health and production are impacted. Not enough dry matter intake (DMI) means the animal isn’t getting the caloric energy needed to produce milk efficiently. That energy will first be used up by survival needs, and milk production will be negatively affected. A herd of 500 cows that are producing even a pound less than normal adds up each milking and creates significant losses over time.   

Mixing a true TMR requires a machine engineered to eliminate obstacles and dead spots without sacrificing mixing performance. Our Balanced Flow™ Technology works to create the perfect ratio of horizontal processing and vertical mixing. This Golden Ratio is not 1:1, but a delicate balance of the exact right mixing consistency for cows get the same bite every time.

Precision screws fit inside the vertical mixer tub. Feed is processed horizontally along the sidewall, cut by Raptor™ knives, and pulled away from the tub wall base. Feed lifts up the screw center falling and mixing in the cavity created by our patented contoured baffles. The baffles are designed to simulate tub ends and help eliminate dead spots. Knowing the importance of unimpeded mixing, Patz also created a patented tub mounted magnet. This magnet has a two-step retention system that mimics the contour of the tub so feed does not get caught.

To see Balanced Flow™ Technology in action, check out this video:


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