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National Farm to School Month

October is National Farm to School Month

National Farm to School month started as a grassroots movement that was able to get Congressional approval to become a national event. There are over 40,000 schools participating with 23.6 million students engaged in the principles this program teaches.

The program has three core elements: procurement, education, and school gardens. The program connects schools to local farmers to provide fresh, healthy foods for students. Farmers also benefit from this by having a steady market to sell to. Education is heavily focused on in the Farm to School program. Cooking lessons, farm field trips, and nutrition classes are common. School gardens allow students to take what they’ve learned and use it in a real-world application. They learn how to grow and care for plants, which develops a sense of responsibility for their work and their food.

National Farm to School month is a chance to celebrate the success of this program and to educate the public on the benefits for students, farmers, and their communities.

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Preventative Machine Maintenance Reminder

Preventative Machine Maintenance Reminder

Like it or not, winter is just around the corner. Is your farm equipment ready to take on the tough environment?

Perform the below maintenance efforts on your equipment to keep performance high.

Vertical Mixers

  1. Change planetary oil and record on a maintenance schedule
  2. Grease PTO & driveline
  3. Grease wheel bearings
  4. Charge scale battery
  5. Check knives and screw for wear

Manure Handling Equipment

  1. Remove manure build up 
  2. Clean corner wheels and drive unit(s)
  3. Lubricate evenwind as needed
  4. Insulate outdoor drive units
  5. Change home position on shuttlebox scrapers to prevent freezing

Gutter Cleaner

  1. Remove excess manure build up
  2. Lubricate as needed


  1. Clean off the excess build up
  2. Lubricate as needed
  3. Ensure discharge lines are able to drain back into the pit


  1. Remove excess material and build up prior to freezing
  2. Check belts and brushes
  3. Ensure brush comes in contact with the belt

Silo Unloaders

  1. Check/adjust chain tension
  2. Inspect for general wear and tear
  3. If materials are frozen, adjust the feed rate to match amp draw on the motor

World Dairy Expo

World Dairy Expo

Today marks the halfway point of the prestigious World Dairy Expo! Located in Madison, WI, this trade show brings together businesses and customers from around the world. Over 800 vendors from 24 countries gather together in one location to discuss all things dairy.

World Dairy Expo originally started as World Food Expo in 1967. Back then, it was mainly a cattle show focused on featuring all the breed organizations. However, attendance was lacking, and after a couple of years, leadership changed and started to focus on commercial exhibits to draw people. The festival started gaining popularity and was able to grow into the massive event it is today. The hardworking festival committee started adding farm management workshops, recognition awards, and craft and food exhibits to make the event more family-friendly.

Today, the farm show still has the cattle show that started it all, in addition to virtual farm tours, educational seminars, and youth contests. There is also a one-of-a-kind dairy products contest, featuring products of national processors to try and win the “best of the best” recognition. Gaining popularity with as feeding practices continue to evolve is the World Forage Analysis Super Bowl. Producers enter forage samples to be judged by forage experts to win cash prizes.

If you happen to be at World Dairy Expo, stop by our booth in the Exhibition Hall 2113B-2316.