Non-Steerable Liquid Manure Tankers

Superior Construction Provides Serviceability and Longevity—Even with Sand Laden Manure!

  • Walking beam, fixed axle configuration
  • Hydraulic brakes on all wheels
  • Front pump system featuring AR-400 steel impeller blades and housing
  • 6” diameter steel discharge line with double thick elbows in high-wear areas
  • In-tank, low-level agitation package keeps sand in suspension
  • Trailer includes rear tool bar mounts to support popular attachments including injectors.


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 Tank CapacityEmpty WeightLoaded WeightTongue Weight EmptyLoaded Tongue WeightLength for IOH**Minimum Tractor Horsepower‡Operating Speed,
CV and Non CV
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Walking Beam
 4,243 gal
(16,061 L)
13,695 lbs
(6,212 kg)
49,400 lbs
(22,407 kg)
1,318 lbs (598kg)4,780 lbs
(2,168 kg)
215 in  (5.46m)***160 HP1000 RPMsPA-29330 Liquid Manure Tanker Specs

Tanker loaded tongue weight can exceed 5500 lbs. Contact tractor dealer for drawbar capable of safely handling this weight.
Hitch point to center of rear tire.
*** Center position for undercarriage.
‡Minimum PTO horsepower requirements are for continuous run.