SEPCOM™ BRS (Bedding Recovery Separator)

Reduce bedding costs with bedding recovery!

Solids-liquid separation is the solution for transportation, storage, odor, biosecurity, and bedding.

  • The odorless bedding material (+35% dry matter) is easy to shovel, store, and convey.
  • Land apply or sell extra, unused solids.
  • Extend liquid storage by removing solids.
  • Odor reduced separated liquid can be spread, mixed, pumped, and stored with no crusting.
  • Process material when you want/need.
  • Herd size flexibility with current footprint.

SEPCOM™ is a trademark of WAMGROUP®.

Perfect for a variety of applications!

SEPCOM ag uses

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Maximum Throughput* Dry Matter Content** Manure Bedding Produced Recommended for
Cow Herd Size
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BRS  7.5 HP 23 gal/min +35% 2 yd3/hr 500 Specs

*Figures are based on clean water.
**Depends on type of material, operating conditions, and maintenance.
‡Based on 12 hour/daily operation.