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Patz 600 Series Stationary Vertical Feed Mixers

Simple, reliable single screw designed to improve your bottom line.

  • Thorough, consistent batch from start to finish, regardless of batch size.
  • Compact size – fits most feed rooms and tight spaces.
  • Tru Taper™ cone-top screw mixes quickly without compromising feed quality, resulting in a palatable, well blended ration minimizes sorting by livestock
  • Built tough with few moving parts for performance you can count on.
  • A variety of drive packages, horsepower, and knife options to choose from.
  • Simple design engineered with few moving parts for long life, low maintenance, and trouble free operation


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Mixer Capacity

Capacity with Extension

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185 ft3
(5.2 m3)

235 ft3
(6.6 m3)

5,517 lbs
(2,503 kg)

86 7/8 in.
(2.2 m)

88 7/8 in.
(2.3 m)

120 in.
(3.0 m)

600 Series