SEPCOM™ BRS (Bedding Recovery Separator)

High capacity - production grade - perfect for a variety of applications!

Designed to separate slurry mixtures into solid and liquid components, the SEPCOM™ BRS uses a combination of gravity and mechanical compression to produce separated solids with ≤35% dry matter content.

The SEPCOM™ BRS is ideal for use in a variety of applications, including anaerobic digester/biogas production systems, and for the separation of sludge, sewage, manures, food waste and byproducts, paper pulp, and more.

  • Longest dewatering screen on the market produces dry matter content of ≤35%.
  • Reduce waste volumes by extracting more solids from liquid.
  • Re-use separated solids (vegetables and food waste/byproducts) as animal feed or organic fertilizer.
  • Easily shovel, store, and convey the odorless, solid material.
  • Process material when you want/need.
  • Continuous duty—low amp draw units with minimal energy requirements.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Quick return on investment.

SEPCOM™ is a trademark of WAMGROUP®.

Sepcom Applications

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Maximum Throughput* Dry Matter Content** Separated Media Produced View Full Specs
045-620HD  15 HP 198 gal/min ≤35% 8 yd3/day Specs
065-920HD 15 HP 286 gal/min ≤35% 12 yd3/day Specs

*Figures are based on clean water.
**Depends on type of material, operating conditions, and maintenance.
‡Based on 12 hour/daily operation.