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Patz 2400 Series II Stationary Vertical Compost Mixers Series

The proof is in the mix!

Fast, thorough, and consistent mixing of ingredients for small to large batches!

  • Create a well-blended, homogeneous mixture of dry ingredients within minutes
  • Prepare large volumes of assorted materials – including food waste, wood processing waste, animal waste, biosolids, etc. – for your compost recipe
  • Vortex® Screw mixes quickly without compromising mix quality
  • Low profile models provide ease of loading and loading flexibility
  • Reliable, accurate 3- and 4-point scale systems
  • Simple design engineered with few moving parts for long life, low maintenance, and trouble free operation


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  Mixer Capacity Capacity with Extensions Max. Load Capacity Height Width Length Drive System View Full Specs
810 810 ft³
(22.9 m³)
968 ft³
(27.4 m³)
20,250 lbs
(9,185 kg)
97¾ in.
(2.5 m)
109 in.
(2.8 m)
(6.6 m)
PTO or Electric 2400_Series_II_Stationary
950 950 ft³
(26.9 m³)
1,113 ft³
(31.5 m³)
23,750 lbs
(10,773 kg)
106½ in.
(2.7 m)
109 in.
(2.8 m)
268¼ in.
(6.8 m)
PTO or Electric 2400_Series_II_Stationary
1,100 1,100 ft³
(31.1 m³)
1,270 ft³
(36 m³)
27,500 lbs
(12,474 kg)
120 in.
(3 m)
109 in.
(2.8 m)
277¾  in.
(7.1 m)
PTO or Electric 2400_Series_II_Stationary


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