Patz IntelliChain® Alley Scrapers

The New Standard in Cow Comfort & Herd Health!

Designed with your operation in mind, the IntelliChain® II, II HD, and MAX Alley Scraper systems are the new standard in cow comfort and herd health! 

  • NEW! IntelliChain® II HD and MAX – the most optimized and efficient alley scraper systems! 
  • NEW! Sentinel  Control Panel learning system constantly adjusts to weather, bedding, and manure changes while recalculating the amount of torque needed to pull to the drop point – UL/cUL certified. 
  • Energy-efficient planetary gearbox ranging from a  ¾ – 3-hp motor!
  • Narrow, space-saving drive unit design provides ultimate layout flexibility.
  • Slider sleds available for layouts with alleys of unequal lengths ranging from 1,000 ft. (305 m)  to 3,600 ft. (1,097 m) total circuit.
  • On-floor or recessed chain installation available—easily installs in existing or new barns!
  • Low maintenance!


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Maximum Total
Circuit Length (TCL)

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IntelliChain®  II

3/4 horsepower electric motor

1,000 feet (305 m)

IntelliChain™ II  - PA-26730

IntelliChain®  II HD

1 horsepower electric motor

1,800 feet (549 m)

IntelliChain™ II HD - PA-26730

IntelliChain® MAX

2 or 3 horsepower electric motor

2,500 - 3,600 feet (762-1,097 m)

IntelliChain™ MAX - PA-32282


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