Matt Wanner and his brother John

Matt Wanner & his brother John with their new Patz vertical mixer.

Brothers John & Matt Wanner are the 7th generation of farmers in their family. Located in Narvon, PA, the brothers work at the dairy started by their parents Alfred & Carolyn Wanner. John and Matt joined the partnership in 1995 and 1996. The dairy has 800 milking cows (Holsteins).

At the beginning of this year, John and Matt purchased a brand-new Patz 2400 Series II 750 Vertical Mixer. They previously had a different brand vertical mixer but were unhappy with the consistency and mixing performance. The Wanner’s state, “We purchased the new Patz TMR and have a good, consistent TMR.” Not only has their TMR consistency improved, but there was another benefit to switching to a Patz mixer. The conveyor system on the Patz mixer is more user-friendly for the brothers when they fill J-bunks than the previous mixer discharge.

The Wanner brothers expect their payback period to be 3 years for the Patz mixer. Overall, they are satisfied with the performance of their mixer. They would recommend Patz products to others, as well as their local Patz dealer Cedar Crest Equipment, LLC. “Cedar Crest was helpful with demoing a mixer and pricing the size mixer we needed with the options that allowed us to feed as efficiently as possible.”


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