Patz Piston-Style Pumps

Efficiently move manure to storage using minimal power!

  • Consistently transfers slurry manure long distances – from 150 – 2000 feet!
  • Energy efficient – hydraulically or mechanically driven.
  • Manure handling with in-the-barn comfort.
  • Largest diameter, stainless steel cylinder in the industry! Features proprietary, oxygen- and ozone-resisting seals for maximum volume efficiency and extended lifespan (Tundra® LTX only).
  • One-piece, Automatic Reciprocating Valve for smooth, trouble-free operation (Tundra® Pro II & LTX Pumps only).
  • Works in conjunction with scrapers, gutter cleaners, skid steers, and shuttle box systems.
  • From 50 – 227 GPM pumping capacity.


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 Maximum Pumping DistancePipe DiameterPumping CapacityHorsepowerView Full Specs
Tundra® Pro II Hydraulic600 feet12-3/4” or 16”150 gallons per minute5 or 7½ horsepowerTundra Pro Pump Lit
Tundra® LTX2000 feet19¾" 227 gallons per minute5 or 7½ horsepower Specs
1512150 feet12” or 15” PVC50 gallons per minute10 horsepower electric motorPA-18808 1512_Manure_Pump_Specs