Patz Corporation—Barn Cleaners, Choppers, Conveyors, Mixers, and Manure Handling Equipment

Serving agricultural and commercial markets since 1948.

Patz Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets agriculture products and commercial products as well as offering contract manufacturing and financing options. From agricultural bedding choppers, manure handling equipment and feeders to commercial pumps, conveyors, separators, and vertical compost mixers, quality is never compromised, no matter what the unit.

Patz’s rich history boasts over 68 years of success. Patz continues to thrive in an ever-changing market by listening to the needs of the diverse customer base we serve, from small dairies and large corporate farming operations to commercial businesses and contract manufacturing clients.

An extensive dealer network allows Patz to serve customers properly. See our events calendar and discover firsthand how Patz can make a difference for your business. Or, simply contact Patz today.

This is a game changer. We had three other vertical mixers before the Patz so this isn’t new to us. A mixer is as valuable as your milking equipment and it has to work everyday. I can tell that the Patz is the best built. Our cows are already up a couple of pounds and we save 1-1/2 hours per day feeding
— Bill Uter, Merryville Farm
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